Saturday, February 11, 2023

Mom's Joke of the Day #699

Saturday turned out to be a glorious day to be on the bike as I headed out from Northbrook to Lake Bluff. Not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was hovering around 42 degrees - which is unheard of for Chicago in February!

Riding parallel to the commuter railroad tracks in Deerfield I noticed the peculiar looking house that was shaped like a wedge. I thought it was a spite house at first but then I couldn't figure out what view it might be blocking since the house behind it was facing towards the road and the railroad tracks.

Turns out it's not a spite house but it is kind of famous and known as the Deerfield Pie House. In a way, I think you can call it a spite house because the town and the neighbors were against its construction and tried to fight it but there was no precedent that could prevent it. 

My route came across an interesting section. RWGPS said it went through and it does go through but I wasn't ready for the conditions.

Riding on ice with skinny tires is always a scary proposition

but I made it without falling!

Mom has been posting these since the start of the Pandemic, 669 days ago!

I found out about this last November when I rode with the Bicycling Club of Lake County.

The BCLC ride is always at night so I never got to see Lake Michigan.

Heading back to Northbrook I rode through Lake Forest on Green Bay Road

I got off Green Bay for a couple of miles and rode some of the bike routes

When I got to Highland Park I stopped at my Aunt's store but my cousins who run it don't work weekends.

I believe my uncle still keeps an office on the second floor, too.

Rode by the street my other uncle used to live on.
The name always cracks me up.

Worked my way back to Northbrook trying to get in as many new Wandrer miles as possible.

Over half the ride was new miles!

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