Monday, February 13, 2023

BCLC Monday Night Recovery Ride

On Monday evening I walked the dog early and gave her a big treat before heading out to Lake Bluff for the Bicycling Collective of Lake County's Monday night recovery ride. I had 45 minutes to ride 12 miles to get to the start of the ride and I am hammering the whole way since I left a little later than I should have.

I made it and since there there were only 3 B riders the rest were C riders we all rode together.  It was great meeting new people.

We headed from the Grocery Store parking lot towards Lake Michigan

and rode the Skokie Valley Bikeway for a bit and then turned east.

We rode over to another bike path, the Robert McClory Bike Path and rode nearly to Ft Sheridan and then turning north again. Eventually came to Mom's Joke of the Day. Only she didn't update the number so I wonder if she has stopped keeping track. On the way back I got separated from the main group as I was following two guys that were setting a blistering pace and then looking back saw no lights behind me so I turned around and headed back. There was a pile up of three bikes on an icy patch recall riding over.

I headed over to Pucks and ordered dinner and then everyone else showed up. Even though I was with people I decided not to have a beer because I still had to ride 12 miles back to my aunt's house.

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