Saturday, February 18, 2023

It's always sunny in ... Connecticut?

We were going to ride to OOF Saturday morning to celebrate my return but it was still below 30 degrees at 10 AM and nobody wanted to ride. I waited a few more hours and then I jumped on my Titanium bike and headed north for a little Vitamin D and Hill therapy on the route that I call the Middle Finger. My Garmin said it was 39 degrees but it was really more like 35 degrees. I was overheating on the climbs and freezing on the descents.

It felt great to be outside and in the sun despite the cold.

I rode through Bridgewater and into Roxbury and one of my favorite climbs, Painter Hill.

The cows weren't readily available

so I kept riding.

Riding up Plumb Hill to Bell Hill I noticed one of the bells was broken. 
I always thought they were real but now I wonder.

This ride was a lot slower but it also had way more vertical.

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