Saturday, July 24, 2021

Afternoon Dirty Delight

I made those changes to the Waltly that I talked about in my July 21 post and picked up my new tires from the Bicycle Center but didn't put them on. I did go out for a test ride Friday afternoon only to discover that the saddle was canted downwards too much. I finished the ride and then fixed it so it was right. 

On Saturday afternoon I headed out on the Waltly with no particular course in mind as I got up to Tamarack Road I said to myself lets get dirty! I rode down to the river via Walnut Tree Hill and then climbed back up on Glenn Road to eventually work my way over to the Horse Guard area of Fairfield Hills.

What I noticed off the bat is that the 70mm stem was a little short, not too much that made it uncomfortable, but enough so that I could tell I was a little scrunched in the cockpit.  I think I am going to have to try a 90 degree stem.

I think this route is going to be a favorite, quick mixed terrain ride when I want to mix it up. Heading up Old Farm Road I noticed that more and more of the old asphalt has been removed and its turning into a dirt road.  Popping out on Queen Street I worked my way over to Point of Rocks and climbed up that. The bugs were pretty annoying so pushed harder to stay in front of them.

Bentagrass was the first trail, well dual track, on the route and come think about it the first trail I have ridden with the Waltly. It handled the rocky section nicely.

The last dirt road for today was climbing Ox Hill. As you can see here, there is somewhat of a pattern, all the dirt roads are more or less climbs. I am still a little wary to bomb down dirt roads at the moment with the tire situation.

When I do this route again, and have more time I am going to cut towards Bethel and ride through one of the preserves that gets me over to Plumb Trees and then maybe climb up Wildcat Lane and then work my way over to Pond Brook, and if so inclined, the Poly Brody Forest Road. Despite the fit issues that I am having the Waltly rides beautifully. The Titanium is wonderful on gravel.

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