Sunday, June 13, 2021

Thank you God!

Remember that scene in Animal House towards the end of the movie where the kid is sitting on his bed looking at a Playboy and one of the women dressed as a Playboy Bunny was catapulted off the float and lands on the kid's bed? He exclaims, "Thank you God!" Well that's what it was like today on the Mullikin Trail at Upper Paugussett State Forest.

I was riding with some friends up the Mullikin Trail and right before the third stream crossing, where that Widowmaker still sits over the trail from the microbursts, this other tree was lying across the trail. 

After climbing up the Mullikin we headed down the Gussy and while it's been awhile the trail is looking a bit overgrown and I am going to have to do some trimming.

Returning in the other direction I can see that some good work is being done to improve the sustainability of the Not the Gussy Trail. I have been hearing rumors of some built up features but I didn't see anything on today's ride.

On the way back down the Mullikin I was surprised to see that the downed tree we encountered on the wap up had be cut on our way out. It was a miracle!

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