Monday, June 21, 2021

Cycling in the North Country

The border with Canada was still closed to tourism and thus my father and I had to settle for another trip to Lake Champlain for the annual father and son fishing trip.  On the second day of the trip the wind was so strong we got blown off the lake and I was glad that I brought a bike to ride for these situations. I did it last year, too, as we had some not so pleasant days out on the water, too.

I came up with a few routes to try ahead of time and today I was headed out to Route 190 or what they call the Military Turnpike. There is used to be a big Air Force Base at Plattsburg back in the 1970s. Only question for this ride is whether the weather would hold. 

These clouds made it look like it wasn't going to hold but I pressed on. It was warm enough that I figured a little rain would cool things off.

I rode up to Chazy, NY and then headed west to West Chazy.  

I found an old railroad depot along the way

There's a lot of railroad history around here. There is an old railroad line that ran from Burlington, VT through the Hero Islands and connected to this line as well as continued on into Canada. 

This wouldn't be farm country without cows

And the roads are really straight

After I crossed the Northway, I-87, it started to rain and rained the rest of the way back to the fishing camp.

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