Saturday, May 16, 2020

Pandemic Roubaix to Brew: Big Elm Brewing

Will and I usually ride Mt Riga much sooner as a warm up to the Farmer's Daughter. Between the Pandemic and the crazy weather we have been having this weekend turned out to be ideal to do our annual pilgrimage to Mt Riga. He rode down from his summer home in Spencertown and we met at the Depot Deli in Copake Falls. I was worried that the lot would be filled with everyone trying to be outside right but when I arrived at 9 AM there was only one car in the lot.

In planning the route I decided we would make a beer stop at Big Elm Brewery and split a 4 pack of pints. We each drink one and carry the other back. I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The day prior I did a 75 mile ride and I was wondering how I would do on this ride since Sunset Rock Road to start off is a killer climb.

As usual, Will took off and I never saw him again until I got to the end.

The Garmin Climbpro was showing grades well over 20% but RWGPS said the max grade was 19.5%. Maybe that's the difference between map and actuality.

Still, I made it up the hill without stopping!

When we got to Mt Washington Road the state was paving the road. So, we got a little extra gravel while heading down hill. I love this view because it looks directly at East Mountain State Forest and Butternut off in the distant.

I made a slight change to the route so that we would bypass Jug End Road and rather take a road called the Avenue. The nice thing about this is that you don't have to hit the brakes so early and take advantage of all that speed till you get to the Avenue.  The closed section of Giberson Road was exceptionally wet due to last night's raid. One of the advantages of fenders is that I road straight through this and my shoes got a little wet.

Once you get past the puddles its nice and dry.

After Gibberson it was on to Foley Road where the view of the Taconics was splendid.

After lunch Will and I would be riding up those mountains.

According to Wandrer this was virgin road for me.

These yearlings were an inquisitive lot

Grade crossing on the Berkshire Division of the Housatonic Railroad.  Which means, Big Elm Brewery is right up the road!

We split a four pack of Lion's Ale, which is an English amber ale which tastes like a cross between a New Castle Brown and a Bass. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we couldn't drink and eat at the brewery. We headed back to a parking lot back on Silver Street for some land trust open space. The four pack fit rather nicely in my Cannondale Casey Handlebar bag.

I broke out the PBJs and Will brought some smoothies.

The beer was perfect!

And the second pint fit nicely in my back pouch, too.

Looking at Mt Everrett from our lunch spot

We made one little exploration today that turned out somewhat successful. According to the Topography map Mt Tom Road used to go through so on today's ride I decided to check it out.

Yes, it did go through but there were quite a few trees down that needed to be hopped or climbed over.

Hanging a right on North Shore Road we road down to Twin Lakes. Not sure why its called North Shore since its on the south shore of the lake.

From Twin Lakes we bombed down Wildcat Hollow and then rode along the Housatonic River

Stopped off at a scenic spot across from Falls Village.

Then we climbed up to Salisbury where the water at the fountain was running continuously. I planned ahead and brought wipes but thankful for the modification. Will wasn't sure about the water but I have been refilling my bottles here for years. It's Mt. Raggie water!

The Climbpro graph on the Garmin was looking a Rainbow Roll at the local Sushi Restaurant.
6.28 miles to the top!

Mt Riga Road was nice and hard but there were a lot of cars and motorcycles coming up and down the road.

I made one stop to take a picture of Riga Falls.

Nearing the highest point on Mt Riga Road

Max grade according to RWGPS was 12.4% but if I remember correctly the Garmin said it was 19 to 20%.

The Garmin also said it was 2025 feet in elevation

The Sex Machine at the Mt Washington Road sign.
This is the boarder with CT and MA.

The Mass section of Mt Washington Road had a lot of unfriendly to bicycle tire trap rock

Then it was bomb down Bash Bish Road. The State Park was closed and yet there were still people parked there when they weren't supposed to be.

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