Saturday, May 02, 2020

Adding some flow to the Gussy

At the north end of the Upper Gussy Trail, where the Yellow (Equestrian Trail) starts I decided to put in an S turn that lines up with the trail as you are coming down the Gussy and if you don't want to ride up the rock ridge as you would normally do this addition cuts across that side ways. It makes a 180 degree turn and then rolls down the backside that lines up with a little rock out cropping for a nice little drop.

When I built the Gussy 15 years ago I didn't have a lot of riding experience and over the years I have really come to appreciate trail flow and now I am trying build that into the trail. Any of you that have ridden Kingdom Trails, you probably have ridden the Side Winder trail and that's something I want to add in the future, too. I have a few places in mind that will work.  

The State Forester keeps telling me that at some point they are going to log the north end of Upper Paugussett and he said the entrance to Gussy from the Brody Road will probably be used as a staging area. The entrance to the Mulikin will also get the same treatment. My plan is to tie this new addition to a huge re-route of the north part of the Gussy. It will parallel the existing trail only be flowier and cut across the Brody Road and connect with the Mulikin.

Heading south (before)

Heading South (after)

First turn (before)

First turn (after)

Second turn (before)

Second turn (after)

Rock in the middle of turn

Wider view of the turn with the rock in middle

Looking towards the roller

Closer to the roller

Looking from the roller in the other direction

Reconnecting to the trail with a little launchie!

I rode the new section on Tuesday and it's rough.  I think I need to go back and widen the tread way and I really want to berm that big turn in the middle, as well at the turn on top of roller.

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