Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Singlespeed Commuting

Hopping onto the Qball this morning reminded me how much I really like riding the Cannondale.  Just about everything on the Singlespeed feels off, at least for the first mile and then I forget about it when I find my Singlespeed nirvana.

I have come to the realization that between all my gadgets, badges, and wallet that unless I have one bag in which to put everything in I am going to have to make do with the triangle bag and the top tube bag.  After I get my new stem(s) and reconfigure the bars, also need to raise my brake levers, I might just remount my Topeak handle bar bag on the Qball and that will take care of all my storage needs for commuting.  However, that presents other challenges like where to mount my front flasher.  Decisions, decisions.

It was 50 degrees this morning and I threw on a long sleeve under my jersey.  It was perfect!  I rode up to the Newtown Middle School and did my civic duty of voting in the third budget referendum, which finally passed.  Then I took the long way to work.

It warmed up once I was in the sun and out of the Housatonic River valley but that first mile was brutal on the exposed fingers.

On the way home, I raced myself to see if I could beat my best time but fell short of it by 4 minutes.  It was that stop at Old Bethel Road and Rt 6 that did me in due to the traffic.

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