Monday, June 03, 2013

My first 75K ride at the Bloomin Metric

OK, this was the plan:  Get to the Bloomin Metric around 7:30 and drop my Brother-in-law off with the Tandem for him to wait for his wife and their daughter. 

Then I ride 37 miles and try to meet them at the last food stop (for me) in a about 2.5 hours.

Well it took me 2 hours 23 minutes and I stopped at the 2nd rest stop for about 10 minutes!

r to l: Me, Sondra, Julia & Wil
The Mansfields got to the food stop 10 minutes before me so it worked!

Quite a few old school steel bikes along with some really bling, bling rigs.
But no one came close to the Fedmobile!

I rode the last bit back with Wil and Julia.
We maintained about a 15 mph pace!

I beginning to understand what road riding is all about and I am really starting to enjoy it!


fabian said...

Mark, looks like your about to drop dead in that first picture!

Mark said...

I think I was trying to find my pace.