Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Newtown Bike Commuter!

That was Nancy!
I am rolling out of the office park and there is a woman mounting a bike in the driving way of the Nursing Home.  I ask her if she bike commutes, and she does and from Newtown, too!  I told her about Endomondo and the local team covering the Danbury area.  I hope she joins us!

Glad I was on my bike and not sitting this traffic!
Of course I seldom drive home this way anymore because of this.

The real highlight of today's bike commute was to get a little CX action on the Monster Cross.  I took the right of way cut through to Old Farm Road.  I think I need to come back on the Cannondale and ride the "trails" that appear to have been mowed into fields I would guess are for runners.  Rode the trails behind the water tanks and then followed a mowed path that was perpendicular to the Rec Path some ways before jumping back on to the paved path.  There was some warrior run here last weekend where you have crawl through mud and jump over obstacles.  Sounds like basic training - why would anyone want to subject themselves to that I don't know.  

I have found that 42:17 is just too tall a gear for riding grass

But Pave, or hard packed dirt roads it's perfect!

After Fairfield Hills, I rode through Sandy Hook and noticed this sign on this barn.
Could this mean that a new bike shop is coming to town?

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