Thursday, June 06, 2013

CT NEMBA Wednesday RAW @ Wadsworth

Wadsworth Falls SP is the perfect location for a quick 5 to 7 mile
after work ride.  There is some really great singletrack in there.

Al Tinti (r) rolling a Ti Carver 69er

This past Wednesday was CT NEMBA's monthly chapter meeting and we always ride before the meeting.  Al Tinti combined his weekly RAW (Ride after Work) event with our meeting ride. Wadsworth is so close to where we meet that it's only natural that we wide there.

After all the road riding I have done this week, 75K at the Bloomin Metric on Sunday and a 25 mile singlespeed commute on Tuesday I found that I had no climbing legs and was only able to ride half way up the Yellow Trail Climb, which is a dual track section littered with baby heads.

Art Roti
 Once bad thing about Wadsworth right now is there is a lot of poison ivy so when the group decided to head up to the nearby grammar school I passed and waited for them to return so I could get a few pix of them riding through.
Peter Finch
Al Tinti
This was the first time we rode the Taco Bell trail in the other direction and to be honest I think it's much better this way and going to have to do it again next time.

Didn't get his name but this is one of Al's RAW riders
While we overlapped some of the trails a few times we hit most of everything that Wadsworth has to offer.

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