Friday, April 26, 2013

Training for SSAP13? What Training?

I had it all planned out:
  • Monday - rest after 26 miles at Stewart on Sunday
  • Tuesday - morning trainer
  • Wednesday - ride to work
  • Thursday - MTB ride at Upper Paugussett
  • Friday - ride to work
I got through Tuesday but when I got home from bowling that evening that virus that all my kids got last week caught up to me, and I was taking extra precautions like sleeping away from the sick kids, staying out of the house (and riding) much to the chagrin of my wife and then wham o!  Looks like the only riding I am going to get in is a bike commute to work today and I will probably ride the trainer on Saturday.   

Holy cow, another cold morning!  32 degrees when I headed out.  It was balaclava time!  I was actually OK with my shell jacket and short and long sleeve under neath.  I wore over booties on the commuting shoes but where erred was on the gloves.  Should have gone for the lobsters!  Hands didn't warm up until I was 3/4s of the way to the office.

It was 58 degrees, according to the Garmin (my Blackberry said it was warmer but I think it thought it was in Florida or something) because it sure didn't feel like 66 degrees.  I was definitely pushing it with short sleeve and shorts but by the end of the ride I was still sweating pretty good.

I have this quandary when it comes to commuting.  Do I reset my garmin when I get to the office or not.  What I have been doing is just marking a lap and now that I have the garmin set up to show my lap times I can easily compare coming in to going out, however, none of the on or offline tools (Strava, SportTracks, etc..) do anything with laps.  Since Strava keeps the two tracks together the whole ride gets averaged and so my averages are spread out over a much larger range.  Guess I am going to have to resetting.

I think I am ready for another cockpit change.  The FUBars are pretty good, but I am disliking the single hand position.  I need some other places for my hands.  I think next I am going to try some trekking bars that I have had laying around for years.  The only question is will that end my Monster Cross status?

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