Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monstercross Commuter

If you are a regular reader of Cycle Snack you will know that I am constantly re-configuring my bikes but most changes are to to try new things.  Before I got the Garmin Edge800 I had a pretty good mounting situation with the Garmin Edge705 where I had taken a few additional angled adapters and put them under the mount to make the screen flatter in relation to when I would be looking down at it.

My problem is that all the "bar-fly" like mounts are configured for 31.8 mm handlebars and I happen to really like riding with the FMe bars from Misfit Pyscles.  I tried mounting the Edge800 right on the bars but it didn't hold tight enough (and I was using the small rubber bands) and it took that hand position away.

I finally found something on Amazon, called the Evo Spacebar Bicycle Handlebar Computer Mount.  It's the only mount that I found that comes with adapters for 25.4mm and 22.2mm bars.

The ring mount is still a little flimsy set up this way but it's at the perfect position, right over the stem.  I guess if I wanted to get crazy, I could get the 22.2mm bar-fly mount that would fit on the mounting bar, however, I am not sure what would happen with the orientation because it's set up for TT Bars and sits perpendicular to the bar.  It would push the device further up, but then again, I could always move the EVO bar out to the front and mount the bar-fly backwards.  Or just buy the regular Bar-Fly and use the adapters from the EVO.  I could always put the EVO on the Gravel Grinder and take the light set off the bars, which could be interesting, too. 

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