Monday, April 08, 2013

Same old Singlespeed, Different Day

My training plan this week was going to be 2 singlespeed commutes, Monday and Friday and ride Upper Paugussett Wednesday after work.  However, last minute change of plans, have to drop daughter off at school early Monday for rehearsal, so no Monday commute.  The consolation prize, two laps at Upper Paugussett State Forest.  The next time I ride Upper P I think I am going to have to go for 4 laps in preparation for SSAP at the end of the month.

This evening's ride was really good.  I only had two instances with the heart rate hitting my (on paper) max heart rate, however, I find I can operate well into the red zone without blacking out, as I experienced yesterday at Rockland.  That place is basically one big hill that you are always riding up until you are heading to the parking lot, then it's finally downhill but not until the last mile.

On the Sandy Reroute I found this chain coming out of the ground.  Going to have to dig it up and see what it's attached, too.  Most likely, it's an old logging chain but once again it's fun to find mysterious things in this forest that doesn't have much in the way of man made things.  This is the last ride for the Manitou Minute 29er fork.  I am going back to the Reba RL.  I will probably sell it and try and buy a larger steel frame or not.  I am kind of happy with the Kona.

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