Monday, April 15, 2013

Lost in Stewart

Met up with the Dark Horse Cycles crew for the Mayor's Sunday morning shop ride.  Besides SSAP, this was one of the hugest gatherings of singlespeeders I have ever seen.

I nailed it today in the clothing department.  bib shorts. long sleeve, microfleece zippered running shirt and riding jersey.  It was a little chilly starting out but then it warmed up a bit and then it got cloudy and windy and cold again.  I never got too hot or too cold.

Even in the Sun, with the wind, it made it chilly.

Just over half way into the ride I lost the group.  I back tracked but still couldn't find where they went so I headed off on my own adventure.  My front wheel needs some spokes tightened so I three on the new wheel for the Spot on the Kona.

Came across this poor female single speeder who was in the midst of a Walk of Shame.  She took some zip ties from this other rider to anchor her chain down.  She lost her chain ring bolts.

This lines up with the runway at Stewart.

Awesome ride, 20 miles.  Plan on heading back next Sunday.

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