Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Bars for the Kona

The Titanium bars that I had on the Kona broke while they were on Raleigh.  I tried the FUBars but couldn't get into them and the 762 mm Sunlite bars were just way to wide.  I stopped by The Bicycle Center to get Shawn's advice on some carbon bars and he is straight shooter.  He suggested that I try these bars from Giant. 

They are the only Carbon Fiber bars on the market made to work with Barends and you know how I feel about barends.  LOVE THEM!

Installed in a matter of minutes.

I love the white accents.

Went back to the Ergons because they are really good for climbing.

Can't wait to try them on Sunday for my second installment of the SSAP 13 ride.

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