Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Ski Vacation with very little skiing

As you have probably noticed Cyclesnack has been pretty quite for over two weeks and that's mainly because I took off for a week of skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  However, the kick in the teeth came when I got to Jackson Hole was that I discovered I had a Deep Veined Thrombosis (DVT) or a blood clot.  It wasn't the flight, rather my knee arthroscopy because the clot came on before I left but it wasn't the same symptoms that I have experienced before so initially I didn't think it was a clot, rather calf strain from Sunday's ride at Shelton Lakes.

After a two hour visit to the Jackson ER, a shot of Lovenox and 10 mg of coumadin I went skiing because the ER doctor said that it would be OK.  Didn't ski the big mountain, rather we stayed on the bunny hill, not because of my condition rather to get the kids acclimated.

Bad weather set in the next day so we opted not to ski and I wasn't feeling very good.  I was short of breath and felt light headed so I headed back to the ER after re-reading the warning sheet and sure enough I had multiple pulmonary embolisms.  That earned me an overnight stay at Saint Johns Hospital at Jackson Hole, which was very posh (afraid to see what the bill is going be) for monitoring.  I missed my daughter's birthday dinner.  

My dinner consisted of a Buffalo Burger that was really good but it didn't make up for eating alone.  They released me the next day and I took it easy that day and didn't ski.  The following day, the last day of our trip, I did ski but again took it easy and stayed with my sons on the bunny hill, while my father took my daughter up the gondola and did some real skiing.  I was so jealous.

Despite these issues the family and I had a blast in Jackson and we can't wait to go back in a couple of years when I am sure everyone will be skiing the big mountain!


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