Saturday, February 04, 2012

On the Spot: Fork; Wheels; etc...

Part Grams Pounds
Spot Longboard 9 Frame and collar 2268 5.00
FSA Orbit Headset 99 0.22
Race Face Evolve Crank 850 1.87
Rear Wheel: Stans Arch; BWW Hub; Maxxis Aspen 2.1; Rotor 1818 4.01
Front Wheel: Stans Crest; BWW Hub; Racing Raph 2.35; Rotor 1668 3.68
SRAM Cassette 11:34 352 0.78
Manitou Minute 1728 3.81
Salsa Pepper Jack lockon grips 92 0.2
Cane Creek Ergo bar ends 169 0.37
Titec Hellion Bars 246 0.54
Carbon Seatpost 252 0.56
Avid FR-5 Levers 152 0.34
Salsa Moto Ace Stem 176 0.39
Headset Spacers 8 0.02
WTB Rocket Saddle 313 0.69
Total 10191.00 22.48

All that's left are cables, brakes, shifter, rear derailleur, and pedals.  There are areas that I could improve, like the stem and saddle, as well as I haven't purchased pedals yet, so I will definitely be weight conscious on those items as well.  I think my realistic target is going to 26 lbs. 

Somebody I know said the Spot has long chainstays but in comparisson to my other bikes it lies in the middle when it comes to Wheel Base.  I measured all my bikes, from axle to axle and here is what they are:
  1. Qball:  42"
  2. diSSent:  43.25"
  3. Spot:  43.25"
  4. Kona 44.25"

Of course the one caveat is the Qball, diSSent and Kona's drops are all sliders so I could shorten them some more if I really wanted to.  Is a half an inch going to make that much of a difference?

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