Monday, February 06, 2012

If I can ski, then I can ride!

Went skiing for the first time yesterday and had absolutely no problems, not that I was expecting any but it was a good milestone to hit because I am thinking if I can ski, I can ride!  I skied with my too sons, my father, and my 5 year old niece.  Brought the helmet cam and took a bunch of videos that I will be compiling later when I get some time.

While watching the Super Bowl yesterday I noticed a post on Facebook from Fabian, a former racing team member, about Singlespeed-apalooza just opened for registration.  Last year I missed this because I was more focused on racing on Team NEMBA and the Root66 races conflicted but now that I am unaffiliated with any group of team I am free to pick and choose what to race.  Checking with the wife to make sure the schedule is open, she gave me the green light, so I registered!  Good thing that I did so quickly because it closed out really quickly, like an hour or two!

I am registered in the NY Sport division which has a total of 94 racers and unless someone wants me to wear their kit I will be wearing my NEMBA kit.  It's time to start training and riding the single speed!  I am going to start out light by riding dirt roads and then work my way up to trails.

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eastwood said...

With everyone going off at the same time it's going to be insane!! Good luck out there, but what a great training goal!! Start tearing it up out there - the trails, not your knee...