Monday, February 13, 2012

Shelton Lakes Monster Cross

Finally got the chance to ride the Shelton Lakes B2B trail, one of the few Greenway trails in Connecticut not on an old railroad bed, however, I think there is a section that might utilize an old Trolley route.  I wanted to take the Qball Monster Cross out with the new gearing, 32:18, and it was righteous!  As I get stronger, I will start gearing further down.

I have ridden here a few times, on the Single Track, but this was the first time that I rode the B2B trail, or should I say actually found it.  I think I have ridden sections in the past but there has been a tremendous amount of work put into the trail that now you can't miss it.

The trail is about 8 to 10 feet wide and is mainly process, gravel or even ground asphalt, perfect Monster Cross conditions!

The Qball rides much better with the Qstick fork, too.  Of course it's made for it but it was worth trying the Soul Cycles fork to see what it was like.  The Qstick is much more solid and perfect for this kind of riding..

New section of trail built this summer.

On the return from Huntington I found some single track, very narrow single track, and freshly cut that parallels Oak Valley Road, the section of the B2B that uses a road.  The trail was soft, really tight in places and much more enjoyable with a little squish, however, it was better than riding on a road.

When I have more time, rather than ride this section, I would cut behind the Ekland Garden and ride the single track that hooks up to the power line trail that B2B also utilizes.

There was one casualty from riding that narrow trail.  I must have scraped a tree and lost my bar end plug holding my bar tape in.  I was able to tie it off, thankfully, otherwise I would have looked like a schmuck riding down the trail with bar tape flailing off my bike.  Granted, I only saw a couple of dog walkers because of the cold but that stuff has to be kept tight!

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