Tuesday, February 07, 2012

On the Spot: My obsession with weight

I really thought that I was going to hit the 25 lb mark the other day with my build, that is until I realized that I forgot to add in the brake calipers.  The calculated weight of the bike is now 11.61 kg or 25.6 lbs.  

Part Grams Pounds
Spot Longboard 9 Frame and collar 2268 5.00
FSA Orbit Headset 99 0.22
Race Face Evolve Crank 850 1.87
Rear Wheel: Stans Arch; BWW Hub; Maxxis Aspen 2.1; Rotor 1818 4.01
Front Wheel: Stans Crest; BWW Hub; Racing Raph 2.35; Rotor 1668 3.68
SRAM Cassette 11:34 352 0.78
Manitou Minute 1728 3.81
Salsa Pepper Jack lockon grips 92 0.2
Cane Creek Ergo bar ends 169 0.37
Titec Hellion Bars 246 0.54
Carbon Seatpost 252 0.56
Avid FR-5 Levers 152 0.34
Salsa Moto Ace Stem 176 0.39
Headset Spacers 8 0.02
WTB Rocket Saddle 313 0.69
SRAM X9 Rear Derailleur 227 0.50
SRAM X9 Rear Shifter 240 0.53
KMC 9 Speed Chain 255 0.56
Crank Brothers Candy 1 262 0.58
Avid Brakes 218 0.48
Avid Brakes 218 0.48
Brake Cables
Shifter Cable
Total 11611.00 25.61

There are three areas that I can save some weight for the biggest bang for the buck:  stem, cassette, and saddle.  Also, I can save a few grams when I cut the bars down because they are way too wide!


CB2 said...

Are you going 1x?
You'll loose a little more weight removing the big and little ring and adding a MRP 1.X chain guide or something similar (my Evolve cranks w/ 33t Homebrewed ring, BB and fixing bolt weigh 780gs; weighed it last night).

If you use regular grips you'll save a little more weight too. I like Yeti Speed grips (no silly foam grips).

You could go with an Ikon for a rear tire to shed even more weight.

You should be able to find lighter barends too (or ditch them altogether).

Mark said...

Yeah, I might drop the bash guard and get the Paul chain guide. Probably get a Ritchey Stem and Saddle to get some savings there, as well as cutting my bars down a bit. Losing the barends would help, too, obviously.

CB2 said...

If you are riding off road DO NOT get the Paul chainguard. It is not very effective.

Mark said...

I misspoke, I meant the MRP but that is good to know to stay away from the Paul.

Mookie said...

Not sure what cassette you're running but if you get the pg 990 11-32 it's fairly light and you can usually find them for <$70.