Saturday, February 04, 2012

Reversal of Fork...tune

Supposedly, the Fox F29 and the Manitou Minute come in about the same weight, 3.78 pounds, however the Fox is just a little bit longer than the Manitou.  In fact, I might even have the 120mm version but I am not entirely sure.  When I test rode the diSSent 2 years ago, it was set up as 1x9 with a SRAM X0 drive train and a 120mm Reba U-Turn, so I know the diSSent can handle it.  The irony is that this frame is great for gears I really don't like it as SS bike.  I think my problem is that I bought the large when I should have bought the XL.  The bent top tube compacts the cockpit so I don't feel stretched out like I do on my other bikes so running it geared seems like the best option for me.

I have tried the Fox on the Kona, which was good, didn't like it on the Qball, so now it's time to try it on the diSSent.  I didn't like it on the Qball because it raised the head tube up higher than I like and threw the geometry off.  Eventually, I might even try it on the Spot.

Installation was easy but the one thing that I had not realized was the the steering tube a lot shorter than the Manitou and all I needed was two thin spacers.

The fork looks great but after reviewing Fox's manual I need to change the routing of the front brake cable to the inside of the fork.

Quick test ride in the driveway felt really good and it seems that this fork is going to be really good on this bike.  Now, I have to find some time to really test it out.

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