Monday, August 25, 2008

Rail Trail riding with Grandpa

Hooked up the Burley Trailer to the commuter bike and attached the Topeak Baby Seat that a buddy gave me a couple of weeks ago. We met Grandpa Larry at Whitney Avenue in Trumbull and rode off on the northern section, paved, of the Trumbull Rail Trail. Unfortunately it dead ends on this spur of the trail at the town line with Monroe. The other spur that I rode with the kids last Thanksgiving ends up at the Trumbull Landfill and continues into Monroe, however, I have yet to follow that portion of the trail all the way through.

Brody is a perfect fit for the Topeak Baby seat. It's rated to 22 Kg or 48 pounds. Elliot is on the border because he weighs somewhere around 40+ pounds, but Brodie weighing in at 29 pounds is perfect.
Brodie is such a ham!

Elliot just loves to hang!

We stopped off at the pavillion that is up the hill at Old Mine Park for a snack and a little rest. Here is the rig. Rode with the freewheel on this trip because it was the first time and didn't want to have any problems. Still, the additional 75+ pounds made for a great workout.

Nothing beats apple juice for my boys on a hot day of bike riding!

After riding the paved portion, we went down the gravel portion. Looks like the town resurfaced this portion and it made for really nice riding.

Here is the ride profile

Here is a map of the ride from MTBGuru - hope it works!

Otherwise, here is the link: Riding the Trumbull Rail Trail.

There will be a video but I am working with a new host, Vimeo, and I can't seem to find where the embedding code is at this point.

Of course, it wouldn't be a bike ride, without hitting the local ice cream shop on the way home! We stopped at Dr Mike's in Monroe.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice workout and ice cream to boot - Yea!

Mark said...

I hear ice cream is great for post ride recovery.