Monday, August 04, 2008

Qballs: Cali Build

This bike resides in California and from the owner:

I had a nice Seven SS that I sold to build up a full suspension, mostly due to weight gain (mine). It was getting too difficult to go uphill. The bike itself was superb but I hadn't the time to keep up the fitness required to SS in SOCal. After building up a sweet SC Nomad and going on a few rides with it I really missed the quickness and simplicity and above all quietness of SS. A buddy swore by his VooDoo Dambala so I decided to give it a shot. Got a sweet deal on the frame and wheels from DEEZEE and threw the rest together. Had it rigid for a few days which was much nicer than expected but the BW .8 really made it a downhill speedfreak. I haven't been riding much at all and my first few rides in my backyard loop went really well. I have a little loop that has everything built into 4 miles-steep up and down, singletrack, mildly technical, sand, you name it. Coming from a blinged out Ti Seven to this was a huge surprise. I had a Unit that was nice except for the lateral flex-I weigh 250! The Seven had none of it and great vertical compliance. The big surprise was the Q Ball was as good laterally and better vertically-probably the 29er wheels. The handling was excellent. both stable on decents and nimble in the tight singletrack. The climbing ability and traction were phenomenal, it's like a tractor. It hasn't slipped once. I have to say I am extremely pleased with the setup and have noticed none of the typical complaints about 29ers. I've been lurking here for a while and thought I'd add a little, especially to anyone thinking about 29ers or the Q Ball. BTW, Scott is extremely friendly and helpful with regard to his products and riding in general. The rear brake design is fantastic, maybe a little bulky but it definitely works well and is very stiff.

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