Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another 29er in Fairfield County!

What's this? A Specialized 29er sitting in front of Cycle Fitness in Monroe? Another mountain biker has tasted the koolaid! I figure the owner of this bike must work at the shop because it was parked there when we drove by headed to the Trumbull Rail Trail and it was still there on the way home.


29ner said...

Good find. I still have yet to run into one on the trails. I ran into alot of mountain bikers at Aspetuck over the weekend. Big weekend for riding I guess.

Mark said...

At the Happening at Huntington, I saw one guy on a Seven Cycles heading in as I was heading out.

Rode with some 29ers with some of the guys at Bethel's Cycle Fitness once - they are all hammer gods and left me eating their dust. However, I am a much stronger rider today.