Saturday, August 02, 2008

Just in time!

Rode with a friend from work this morning. We started out doing the Echo Valley Loop at 8 AM and besides a little fog the weather was perfect. The forecast was for a chance of thunder showers but it wasn't until I got home and cleaned up did the thunder roll in and we got a deluge!

I added another trail to the loop to pile on some more miles. Did a little work on the Gussy Trail. There is one section that I never cleared and finally decided to do it. There are some pictures on the Upper Gussy Blog of the work that was done.

Took some clips along the way. Me hitting one of the Sisters and if look closely you might get some plumbers cleavage on me. Rob cleaning the Wet Spot and then doing the Blue Cross Roller for the first time, and very well could be his first time rolling a rock this size. I will have to ask him. He did it rather well. The last clip is of me hitting this one rock but I got absolutely no air on it when in the past, I have gotten much more. Guess I just choked!

We still had some time so we headed back up the horse trail, which by the way was not too bad! Once we hit the Brody Road, took the connector down to the Mulikin Trail and rode that to the Trailway and back up the Gussy Connector to the Brody Road. Then it was the long climb up, which I hit every stage. Then we bombed back to the Echo Valley Lot. 7.2 miles the total ride length, not bad for a Saturday morning.

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