Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am contributing to another biking blog

I am now an active contributor to another blog called Bicycle to Work! In fact I made my first post tonight about my ride commute in the post titled: Oooo, did you smell that smell?

I took some videos of my ride that I will most likely post here. Editing them and putting it to music will take some time.

I was invited to contribute through a connection via LinkedIn, which is a professional social networking community geared towards making professional contacts in the hopes of finding new business, or finding a new job. Similarly, on Facebook there are quite a few Mountain Biking and Cycling groups or pages. I started one for CT NEMBA. There is another called iBike, as well as and both have a presence there. I am sure there are others but I just haven't had time to explore any further.

If you are a bike commuter yourself, I would recommend joining LinkedIn, and find the group Bicycle to Work and ask to join and then you can blog your commuter stories.

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