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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

My Commuting Quandary

I seem to be stuck in this quandary as to how I should be set up to bike commute and at the same time use that same ride to train.  By stuck, I mean juggling the schlepping of things needed for work (laptop, BlackBerry, wallet, badge, etc) vs going light as a possible.  

Right now, I have it down to carrying everything I need in a triangle frame bag and a top tube bag on my Singlespeed, which is more of commuter bike.  

On my Cannondale, I usually end up using old hydration pack, especially when I am not wearing a rear pocket jersey.  Sometimes I will use the triangle bag as well.  But I am thinking about getting a small top  tube saddle bag for the geared bike to hold my camera, phone and Black Berry for commuting, stuff that I need to have easily accessible for the ride.


As for carrying the laptop, if I have to bring it home, I use a Timbukt2  shoulder bag.  Tried a backpack for a while but the back got too hot and sweaty but the shoulder bag allows more air on the back.  

If I am riding with the laptop, then no extra miles because I try to take the quickest route home.  Then again, I think by pushing myself to ride faster and more consistently on any ride I am turning the ride into a training ride.  Maybe I should stop whining, chalk it up to Rule #5 and just try to make the most out of every ride.

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