Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Sun is Back!

Another OOF aborted ride attempt. Only, this morning it was snowing lightly.  Finally, it stopped and sun came out! Mike didn't have a lot of time so we opted for a ride from the Newtown Flagpole and afterwards we planned to get coffee at the Newtown General Store.  Tomas joined us two.  Once again I overdressed and dropped a layer before we headed up Castle Hill.

It felt great to see the sun again

The view from Castle Hill is worth the climb!

For some reason, this turned into a really climby ride

and once you were out of the sun it got cold again.

Some remnants of this morning's snow was hanging out in the shady areas, too.

Ah, the sun!

Pee break!

You might have noticed that I am clean shaven.

Tomas was knackered

This ride was a 1 for 1, 100 feet climbed for every mile ridden.


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