Monday, January 02, 2023

The Inadvertant Roubaix


Good thing I was on my Anyroad bike today because whenever you ride in Northwest Connecticut you are bound to hit a dirt road or two.  Mike and I started our ride from his place in Gaylordsville. Along the way, we saw Steve Levine ride past heading up to Front of the Mountain or Mud Pond.

Mike and I continued north on South Kent Road and then decided to ride up Rt 341 (Segar Mountain Road) to Cobble with the intention of hitting the dirt road and riding back to Kent for coffee.

It was your typical New Engloomy day today.

After coffee we headed south and decided to ride back on the dirt road that parallels the Housatonic River.

Mike's front derailleur wasn't working properly and it looked like the battery was dead. Still had 11 gears to choose from and where we were heading the big ring wouldn't be needed anyway.

Schatigoke Road was perfection

 and the cascades were running at full tilt!

The clouds started to clear out and it was turning into a nice afternoon!

From here we rode into Dogtail Corners and road the lone dirt road, Weill Road

Then one huge climb back into Sherman

and catch the sun nearly setting

and then a nearly downhill shot back to Mike's!

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