Sunday, January 08, 2023

Lunch between the Lakes

It's cold again! There was a planned Lunartics ride for 9 AM this morning but it was below 25 degrees and no one wanted to brave the cold and that is the latest time you can leave if you still want a good selection of pastries at Ovens of France. The alternative was to wait until later, in this case 11 AM and ride somewhere else. Mike was the only taker so we met in Bridgewater and headed towards Roxbury.

I am creature of habit and when ever I ride through Roxbury on my road bike I have to go up Painter Hill. 

The fun begins at Roxbury Station and its nearly a 6 mile climb to Painter Ridge.

I guess I just like to see the cows at Topland Farms.  I love how they are inquisitive when I roll up them. 

I wonder if they think they see me just as a floofy dressed bipedal that's going to feed them.

One of the best views is right there!

The climb to Painter Ridge puts us over 1000 feet in elevation and it's a Blue Bird Day as we head north.

Bantam Lake looks spectacular!

Mike and I stopped at Arethusa A Mano restaurant in Bantam for lunch and both had The Vanderpoel Panini which has turkey, bacon, Arethusa Camembert cheese and Cranberry Mostarda, and it was out of this world!

After lunch we rode down Rt 202 to New Preston and took a lap around Lake Waramaug.

Heading back to New Preston, along the lake, some high clouds came in which caused a drop in the temperature. We hit a high around 42 degrees but with the filtered sunlight the temperature dropped 5 degrees and would continue dropping for the rest of the ride.

This is the second big climb of the ride.

Of course it's dirt.

We could have avoided the dirt but it would have tacked on an additional 5 miles if we just rode down Rt 202 or probably even more mileage if we wanted to get off Rt 202.

The last mile was down 2nd Hill and it was all downhill and really cold.

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