Sunday, January 22, 2023

Riding on a New Engloomy afternoon

Just another cold Sunday morning leading to another abortive attempt to ride to Oven's of France. I waited till noon to head out and since I was solo, I headed north with a vague idea of the route I wanted to ride.  I left my house thinking it was a lot colder than it actually was and by the time I was halfway to Bridgewater I had to shed clothing.

It was another gloomy day in New England. This was the first day time ride in over a week for me and I was really hoping for some sun. 

 The further north I rode the gloomier is seemed to get.

The sun popped out for a few minutes when I turned onto Painter Hill

But it was gone long before I got to Topland Farms

The descent down the east side of Painter Hill was cold and when I got to the bottom I almost stopped to put that extra layer back. It was getting dark by the time I got back to Newtown and I was chilled somewhat so I stopped in at Starbucks for a coffee and to warm up.

I left Starbucks and it was dark but fortunately I brought a light with me just in case I bit off more distance than I had lighting for. Leaving Starbucks for the last 4 miles home I did put on that extra layer because it got cold again.

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