Thursday, January 05, 2023

RC Ilumenati's first ride of 2023, SOMP


It looks like we are going to have two Season Openers for RC Ilimumenati. Tonights is a ride South of the Merritt Parkway and the next one North of the Merritt Parkway, and our usual riding area. To make this matters just a little frustrating for me tonight's ride started from the Gaelic-American Club and I am doing Dry January so there will be know Black and Tan's for me tonight. If I can abstain tonight then I won't have a problem going the full 31 days.

We were a small Grupetto this evening

Just John K, Scotty and myself

I had driven over through here on my way over from the office and was excited to ride back through here on a bike

and we couldn't believe our luck as a train was pulling into Westport Station as were about to ride path over the Saugatuck River. I was so excited my first picture of the train was a little shaky.

I was able to get a steadier picture on the second attempt.

Dang, the train is close!

After the bridge we headed over to Long Shore 

and the start of the beach tour back to the start

Looking towards Norwalk and Stamford from Compo Beach

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