Tuesday, January 31, 2023

RC Ilumenati's Flat Night

The days are getting longer!

We needed a night ride and dine that was more than a few beers and pretzels in a parking lot. It was decided that we would ride from the Fairfield Train Station and then get wings after the ride at Archie Moore's.

I did something different with the routing this time. It was still a SOMP (South of the Merritt Parkway) route only it hit the Fairfield Beaches, Little Danbury and Southport Beaches first and then went inland to loop around to ride Long Shore and Compo beach and then heading inland again to come back to Archie Moores.

The temperature in Fairfield is always weird. When we started out my Garmin said 40 degrees but it didn't feel like 40.  When we got to Little Danbury about 4 miles away I checked the Garmin again and it said it was 34 degrees!

 We turned north and rode by the Greens Farm Train Station as a train pulled in.

Then it happened, John K got a flat!

It took a village to get the bead off his rim, too!

After riding the Westport Beaches we headed back on Long Lots

I was really starting to feel the cold and upon checking the Garmin it was below 30!

Add insult to injury, we were just 1.5 miles from the end of the ride when Scotty got a flat! Similar to John's situation it took three of us to get the bead off his rim, too.

Mat O was way ahead of us and never came back but that was cool because he was able to get to Archie's in time to put in our food order before the kitchen closed.


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