Friday, August 19, 2022

2022 D2R2 Pre Game

After checking in at the main tent, I got my camping pass and drove over to this year's camp ground where I met Todd. He picked out a good spot although we had to carry our stuff in but it was a lot flatter than there other places. We set up our tents and then had a beer, or two.

Will showed up around 5 and after getting his stuff set up in the tent we went for a little ride.

We rode north towards Greenfield and then looped around the hill that divides the Green River from the Connecticut River.

I always wanted to check out the railroad yard that see on the maps however there wasn't much to see

There were plenty of cows

We were only able to get glimpses of the Connecticut River

It was over behind those trees

There was a sign on gate of this pasture saying,
Do Not Enter there is a Bull in Pasture

We rode through a gap in the hill and descended back to Rt 5

Crossed over the tracks

and rode back to the camp grounds

Everyone who was coming Friday showed up
We had Leslie, Todd, Will M, Will B, Mike, Marshall and myself

Mike finally showed up and forgot the attachment needed to inflate his mattress

We spent the evening sampling Karl's Sausage Kitchen Wurst, bluefish pate and of course drinking beer!

Later in the evening someone had the gaul to steel one of my Tiki Torches!

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