Saturday, August 27, 2022

Good day for the beach

Since I didn't get out Friday to ride because I was helping a friend of a friend who is a cancer survivor and can't lift anything, carry anything heavy or walk very far rearrange her house a bit and take things to Goodwill I decided to ride down to Compo Beach in Westport. I had to leave before noon because I had to help pack my favorite daughter's and wife's cars as she was heading back to school today.

I was twenty miles into the ride when I went to grab my phone to take this picture and realized my hand pump wasn't there. I guess in my haste to get out of the bat cave before noon I had forgotten my pump. I started working through scenarios in case I got a flat. I have some cycling friends who live in Fairfield that could probably give me a hand. I could call AAA, and someone told me later that they will just drive you home. Worst case, call an Uber. I decided to roll the dice and go for it.

It's been a while since I have ridden along the Saugatuck Reservoir and it's nice now that it has been repaved. Climbing the first hill I was passed by all these motorcycles, I mean there most have been at least a hundred of them. Many of them had their lights flashing like it was a funeral procession.  There were even lead and trail bikes whose riders had safety vests on which leads me to believe this was a honor ride for a dearly departed member of their club.

I rolled through Longshore to check on Gloria and she is still toast. 

 I am surprised the owner just left that nice Honda, 30 hp, on the stern. 
That's a nice a little motor.

Then I rode over to Compo by the marina

and past the boat ramp

At the Pickle Ball courts I found a good place to fill water bottles!

Then over to the cannons

Had a quick snack

and then headed towards home.

Riding up Rt 136 towards Easton one particularly nasty section of the road was recently paved

Unfortunately, the Black Butter party ended at the Easton town line

I had a late lunch at Greisers consisting of a grilled cheese and tomato panini and a can of coke

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