Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Scott, is that an ice cream scooper in your pocket or are you just excited for Ferris Acres?

This week's RC Ilumenati's Tuesday night ride, which happened on Wednesday, was without Dear Leader. The consensus was let's ride lightly traveled roads and stop at Ferris Acres for ice cream.

We rode from the Easton Library over to Monroe and up the Rail Trail. Then rode half of Garder Road and worked our way over to Sugar Lane in order to avoid most of the new chip seal on Rt 302.

20 miles in and it was getting close to sundown

The cows were out at Castle Hill Farm

The creamery was kind of empty this evening.
Maybe because this was the last week before school starts and many people went on vacation

Photo credit: Scott Davidow

In deference to Dear Leader, we did not get the Moose Trax, rather we had the Campfire flavor, which was smores in vanilla ice cream

The last 10 miles back to the library were illuminated

The tailgate was flavorful

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