Thursday, December 30, 2021

Let's dance, this Last Dance Tonight

The last Tuesday night Riding Club Ilumenati ride for 2021 occurred on Thursday night. Temperatures had dropped again requiring bar mitts and heated socks.  

Passing through Samuel Staples Elementary School in Easton, the town had one of those lighted highway signs up at the school. The State of Connecticut was supposed to get big shipment of COVID-19 test kits and they were supposed to be distributed to all the towns to give out to their residents. Apparently, there was some logistical SNAFU and the test kit pick up was going to be delayed. I couldn't even sign up for a pick up date in my town.

About three months into riding with RC Ilumenati I took over as Route Director and for the last three months it's been challenging trying to keep the routes fresh and interesting. Fortunately, we have ridden in other towns that take some of the pressure off. 

On this ride, I found some new roads that we hadn't ridden yet and routed us through there. Of course, it turned out to be an insane climb and then on the back side we missed a turn and cut out chunk of the course so that when we arrived back at the Easton Library Parking Lot, we were a little short of the 3 handle.


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