Wednesday, December 22, 2021

RC Ilumenati Christmas Tree Decorating Ride


The riding club started this tradition last year, which ironically started with the formalization with the club. They picked out a tree on one of the frequently used roads and decorated it last Christmas. The ride was livened up by adding ugly Christmas sweaters and holiday themed attire.

John K and Scotty D dressed up as Santa and his elfin helper

I wore my reindeer Christmas sweater

 We headed out on a slightly shorter ride than our usual 3 handle

So that we could spend more time decorating

This year, Scotty D went all out and had personalized decorations for all the members

Our fearless leader

John K

aka Todd

Yours truly

and one of the group's distinguished alumni, who only made three rides this year and has so many first names nobody is sure what to call him

Missing tonight was Mama La Forte's son Pete who crashed two weeks ago and is out till next spring. 

Then it was a quick ride back to the parking area and our Christmas Tailgate

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