Thursday, December 23, 2021

A beautiful day at the beach with Santa

Following last night's Christmas Tree Decorating Ride with RC Ilumenati, I drove down to Trumbull to meet my brother-in-law because he and his family were visiting the in-laws. He had contacted me earlier about riding Thursday morning and I suggested that we ride the to beach. Along the way, we stopped at the RC Ilumenati Christmas Tree.

One thing I noticed in the daylight was that the tree seems to be getting attention from the locals. The leaves have been cleared around the tree and there is a wreath up, too.

By the time we got down to Compo Beach in Westport it had warmed up nicely and temperature on the Garmin was saying 39 degrees but with the wind out of the north it still felt a lot colder and at times it reminded me of trying to ride on soft sand.

Only thing missing at the beach is a Corona with lime.

A beautiful day

The nice thing about Compo is there is always a nice, clean porta-potty to relieve oneself in.  Of course, nothing beats the restrooms at Long Shore and if you are desperate the porta-potty at the Southport Beach can be used. 

Heading back to Trumbull I routed us through some Fairfield neighborhoods that I have never ridden through before and then worked our way up to Mohegan Lake and eventually over the Merritt Parkway and back into Easton.  

Climbing back up to Trumbull we got to this high point and when you turned around you could see Long Island Sound.

We also found where Gumby retired

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