Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Flying to Jackson Hole

Drove down to Queens on Tuesday and parked my car at the Airport Marriott and stayed the night in the hotel because I had a 6 AM flight taking me back to Jackson hole for another week of skiing with my father.

I got to the airport really early and after checking my bags and getting through security I was at the gate at 4:00 AM.

Around 5 AM I noticed some trucks with yellow flashing lights around the plane I was supposed to board in 20 minutes and a wet stain on the tarmac. Turns out, they fueled up the plane the night before but it was cold and it warmed up overnight and the fuel in the tanks expanded and shot out the pressure release valves. My flight was canceled!

I was able to get on another flight to Dallas a few hours later and even that was a pain because I had to work with the gate agent to transfer my bags from my old flight to the new one. She couldn't work the software properly so I ended up doing it for her.  Since there is only one flight a day into Jackson Hole and I had already missed that flight I changed my destination to Idaho Falls and asked my father to come pick me up. It's about a two hour drive from Jackson.

I had a lot of time to kill so I rode the train for a while.

That doesn't look good.

I learned later that there was a fire in one of the engines.

and had a late lunch.

Shiner Bock reminds me a lot like Old Style

and even tastes better, too!

9:30 PM and I am on the plane to Idaho Falls

and I get Photo Bombed!

Arrived at Idaho Falls Regional Airport at 11 PM

Finally get to Jackson at 1:30 AM and I drinking Jenny Lake by the fire.

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