Thursday, December 09, 2021

First Tracks at Upper Paugussett


We got a bit of snow overnight on December 8th so the next morning I went out for a quick ride before work and hit Upper Paugussett State Forest just as the sun was rising. It wasn't terribly cold so I was able to get away with a couple of layers and of course a blaze orange top.

I also got the opportunity to test out this new CamelBak Podium Flow Belt aka fanny back that holds a water bottle, that I won at the HVNEMBA Christmas Party two days prior. I have been wanting to try one of these since I see that many mountain bikers have transitioned away from the traditional hydration pack in favor of these fancy fanny packs. 

There's two pockets, a small one that fits a multi tool or a food bar, and then a bigger pocket that just fits my folding saw. I didn't feel comfortable putting my phone back there, though. The front belt works pretty well and keeps it position pretty well.  Definitely a keeper.

Right before New Year's Resolution, the skinny with a drop on the end that Andy Engel and I built last New Year's Day, there was small blow down that I easily cleared.

We actually got a little snow last month and I rode through here and the one thing that I noticed was the new blazing on the two LEGAL mountain biking trails. The State Forester told me that we was going to blaze Easy Up, which is now an extension of the Mulikin Trail and legalized yellow and the Gussy Trail orange.

The State Forester made the blazings exceptionally large and it seemed to me that he was hate blazing.  There have been some shenanigans over the past year or so with illegally built trails and even some ramps, which is a no go on State Land and the Forester found these features and tore them up. It seems to me that the message he was trying to get across is that these two trails are the trails all us mountain bikers should be riding.  

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