Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Oh my, what a big fender you have!

I picked up a new fender the other day to replace my old fender because it doesn't work with my Garmin Varia.  My old fender has a bend between the blade and the hinge that requires a much higher mounting on the seatpost.

This new fender, another SKS is made for road, mountain and gravel riding, although it's rather big for a road riding it certainly overs a lot of area. As you can see the picture above section between the blade and the hinge is at a much shallower angle.

Here is a picture of the old fender with the Varia but the issue I have is that the Varia won't fit with a seat bag and I tried quite a few of them, including some really small ones and it there just wasn't enough room. 

Scott and I road down to Greisers since it was a Tuesday, they aren't open on Mondays, only to find out they are closed for the holidays. Oh well.

Since it was over 45 degrees it was cold enough for Bib Shorts. Prior to Christmas I got 5 days of warmer temperatures that enabled me to wear bib shorts and it looks like the week between Christmas and New Years is going to permit a few more opportunities.

I gave Scott my old fender but he forgot to put it on for this ride.

Although it might be a little oversized for road riding it works really well and I never knew it was there. Of course the bigger blade means that it will work great for gravel and mountain biking.  

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