Tuesday, May 04, 2021

National Elk Refuge Gravel Ride


Originally, I wanted to ride the causeway along the Snake River to acclimate to the altitude but found out that it doesn't really go through. There is a trail but it's on private property and trespassing is taken pretty seriously around these parts.  Fitzgerald's suggested a ride through the Elk Preserve. It's an out and back but there's a little climbing and they felt it would be a good opener, so off we went.

Between the bike shop and the start of the Refuge we got some rain. You could see it coming and then it was on you and then it was over. It wasn't heavy but I was glad that I bought that jersey at the bike shop and was now wearing it.

At higher elevations it was actually snowing

The road starts out as smooth dirt

and the views were spectacular

What we didn't realize was that the wind was coming up from the southwest and we were riding northeast so when we turned around there was a big shock, as well as more weather to ride through.

When it was sunny, it got hot

but it felt really good.

When the road turned north the gravel got rougher and dustier

the rougher the gravel, slower we went, even with the wind at our backs

We saw some Elk on the way in from airport but there were none to be seen on this ride

When the road started climbing it smoothed out some and we got a glimpse of the Sleeping Indian.

At the end of the road and the start of the 4x4 trail there were numerous signs warning of bears.

A close up view of the Sleeping Indian

Looking back towards the Tetons and Jackson, WY

My rebuilt CAADX Disc, 1x10, gravel bike

William Mansfield

The ride back to Jackson was windy and cold, with a few sprinkles, too.

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