Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Hoback Roubaix

The Grand was finally visible at the start of our second ride of the trip. In my internet reconnoiter of I came across a road called Falls Creek Road and the bike shop confirmed there was a good section of dirt on it, too.

We saw some bulls butting heads along the way

Crossing of the Snake River we got the best view of the The Grand

Seeing The Grand stole the show

Although sunny it was still cool so long sleeves and gloves were merrited

The first climb of the ride was 4% for almost a mile

 Then the road turns to dirt

No cell service and there was only one ranch half way down the road

It was rough country back here but I was glad I was carrying the Bear Spray

We crossed over the creek we were following

and then the big climb started

It was 2 miles long with an average grade of 5% for a 550 foot gain

The first really big climb for the CAADX and I was wish that I had another gear

The came the big downhill to Highway 89 and the Snake River

It was a tough descent

We stopped in Hoback for lunch after learning that the road that I found on the map didn't go through again.  After lunch we were on another road that was blocked by a gate so we had to climb over it.

After a bit more highway we veered off onto old Highway 89

and you can see Teton Pass quite nicely from this point

We rode by this ranch that had a herd of Elk taking up residence

Will wondered if they were domesticated but I couldn't see any fence holding them in so I assumed they are wild

Old Route 89 turned into a trail

which gave us a bit more dirt

and then the last 15 miles back to the condo were all Cycleway paths

Last view of the The Grand from the Cycleway

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