Sunday, May 09, 2021

Gros Ventre Gravel Grinder

Our last ride in Jackson Hole

Fitzgeralds recommended this ride as well.  It's an out and back that you can do for 45 miles up the Gros Ventre river valley but we opted for 20 miles because we wanted to do a little shopping before we left and we had to pack out bikes, too.

It was a much colder day, especially with the wind coming from the west.

The views from within the river valley were breathtaking

Looming behind us was the omnipresent Grand Teton

The Gros Ventre River was crystal clear

The gravel road was much better than what we rode in Idaho

We even saw some Elk

At 21 miles in we stopped for lunch

Just east of us there was pretty big ranch

Turning around there was a bit of head wind but since we were heading down hill it was offset

On the way back we stopped at the markers for this huge landslide the took place almost 100 years ago

An incredible force of nature

Last view of the Tetons

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