Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ride to the Beach and Lunch at the Club

My original plan for riding the Saturday after Thanksgiving with Gavin was to do the Alice's Restaurant ride from Salisbury, CT to Stockbridge, MA. However, seeing that the forecast was predicting even colder temperatures, that meant that it was going to be even colder north of here, so we decided to ride south instead where it would be warmer by midday.

Starting from Gavin's house we cut across Monroe to Rt 59 and then there came upon all this traffic. There was a line of cars going all the way up North Park Avenue, obviously to Maple Row Farm. I have never seen so many cars lined up to get Christmas trees. It could have been since there was snow in the forecast for Sunday everybody was trying to get their trees on Saturday.

Sure enough, it warmed up to 40 degrees by the time we got to Compo.  There was this dude doing Tai Chi by the cannons that was kind of weird, but then again we were in Westport after all.

After a little snack and some water we headed off again towards Southport

Soundview Drive had a new application of Black Butter

The view of the Sound from Beachside Avenue was equally as stunning

Riding through Southport we ran into this clown.
Post Edit: Looks like your team didn't do so hot today.

Stopped for Pints at the Gaelic American Club

The Black and Tan was smooth as silk.
I had the Bangers and Mash, which was perfect power food for the ride home.

It was tempting to have another round and then call the Sag Wagon, but that wasn't going to work because I parked my car in front of Gavins and I had my keys on me. So we trudged back to his house. While it was supposed to windy we never really felt any of it, that is until we were headed north again, and the wind was coming out of the north. The ride up Redding Road was like Napoleon's Death March.

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