Monday, April 30, 2018

Roubaix to Brew: Mission Aborted

Upon checking the weather Saturday the forecast had changed to rain on Sunday morning with colder temperatures.  It was raining pretty hard when I woke up so I made sure that I brough all my rain gear, too. True to form, on the drive to Wassaic, Mr Hanky came a calling.

Shepard, a fellow dirt road riding enthusiast, met me at the Wassaic Metro North Station and we started off riding north on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. Given the weather we opted to stay off of Mt Riga because it would have been a slop fest. By the time we got to the Deli Depot in Copake Falls we were freezing, so we stopped for coffee to warm up.  

However, being in wet clothes, we never really warmed up. On the way back, Shepard's hands were freezing and fortunately I had some spare gloves for him to wear.  I switched to my cold weather riding mitts because my hands weren't warming back up in the neoprene gloves I started out wearing.  

Somewhere past Millerton it finally stopped raining and the sun started to peak out from time to time. It didn't matter because Shepard was freezing and from my experience at that point you can easily slip into hypothermia.  I on the other hand was pretty warm but I am glad that we didn't try for the brewery.  There is always another time to make the attempt, only this time we'll start from Salisbury and do Mt Riga.  

One other disappointment was my Garmin Edge 520.  After 3.5 hours of riding it was down to 53% battery. The battery life that Garmin says that the Edge 520 is supposed to have is totally BS.  I had my backup battery but I am still not happy with the performance of the GPS.  

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