Friday, April 27, 2018

Ride After Work: Librarian's Option

This has been a tough week to ride.  My wife and oldest son are on class trip to DC which means I get to play Mr Mom.  It's not that bad, only morning rides/bike commutes are out this week because my better half isn't around to drive the kids to work.  The night before, after cleaning up from dinner, doing the dishes, and making sure homework is done I was able to get on the trainer at 10:30 PM.

It turns out my daughter was taking my other son out to dinner Thursday evening which gave me the opportunity to hit the bucolic roads of Easton, Connecticut.  Easton has got to be on of the best areas to ride in Fairfield County.  I try to stay away from the busy roads, like Rt 58 & 59, as well as 136, however my Librarian Loop has to use some small bits to make the route work.

While shorts where a definite there was still a little chill in the air at 62 degrees so arm warmers and a base layer were still necessary.  The sun started to go down when I got to North Park and when that happened I lost another 5 degrees.  It actually felt good.  Until Sunday, this might be the only day I get out on the roads.

I saw some cyclists up a head when I turned on North Park but didn't think I would catch them.  I did reel them in when I turned onto Adams Road but they were taking up the whole lane.  I announced my presence with hearty ON YOUR LEFT and got by them by using the opposing lane with a car coming from the other direction.  They tried to catch me but I was too fast for them.  Can you believe it?  There were quite a few cyclists out today and most of them were wearing tights.

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